Friday, April 28, 2017

Kosciuszko: New York City's Newest Bridge-Pics To and From work

Brooklyn has the Brooklyn Bridge.  Let's give this shiny new bridge to Queens.

                                         Driving to work against traffic (Manhattan to Queens)

                                         Driving home (Queens to Manhattan).  Not bad; but traffic at Laguardia Airport                                            (undergoing construction at this time) was a parking lot; Fuggedabouttit! but not                                          the new bridge's fault.

                                         All lit up at night like a Ferris Wheel!

New York Times article for reference about the new bridge and other people's experience:

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Driver license restrictions for medical conditions

Driver license restrictions for medical conditions
Restrictions include corrective lenses (most common), hearing aid, or the use of a prosthetic device when driving.  Explanation of restrictions is explained at the back of your driver's license.

Codes (A,B,C,D etc.) for common driver license restrictions are explained in the link above.

Physician Statement for Medical Review Unit

Physician Statement for Medical Review Unit (MV-80U.1)
If you have a medical condition that affects your driving skills a physician may submit this form.
DMV can suspend your license until a physician certifies that your condition is treated or controlled and does not affect your driving skills.  An examination must be done within 120 days from submitting this form.  It includes evaluation of the following conditions but is not limited to:  epilepsy, dementia, stroke, syncope, diabetes, neuro-muscular disease, head trauma, mental disorders, sleep disorders, and heart disease.

DMV's Medical Review Program

DMV's Medical Review Program
Monitors drivers who have a condition that may cause loss of consciousness, loss of awareness or loss of body control.  This program is coordinated by DMV’s Medical Review Unit which consists of licensed board certified medical consultants that help DMV make decisions about a driver's license.
Contact Information:
Medical Review Unit
6 Empire State Plaza, Room 337
Albany, NY 12228
1-518-474-0774, Option #3 (Phone Hrs: M-F, 8:00 – Noon) FAX 1-518-402-2991